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The Question Game
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What was the best Christmas/Hannuka(sp?)/Kwanzaa present you recieved this year?

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What's the best present you've ever received?

(Christmas, Birthday, or Other).

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darkseahorse [userpic]

I wanting lots of comment LUUURVE! on this post, come on people it's an easy one! What, at this very moment would you do if you had the choice of anything at all in the universe?????

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What city have you fallen in love with? (Rule: you are not allowed to say you like the country better - name a city or two or I will through you in poo. That's right: I can threaten in rhyme).

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What's one city you're in love with? You are not allowed to say you like the country. I forbid it. You must choose a city or two that you like - for reasons you may or may not be able to explain.

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What are your favourite fictional relationships? In books, movies, fairy tales, etc.

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I should canonize this. OK, remember how I asked you not to put food in your other ones? That comes now.

Desert Island Top Ten VI: Foods
What do you want to eat on your desert island? What are your ten favourite foods? Made by whom?

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Here comes the Desert Island V (that's a lot! A whole 'nother letter!):

Things. What do you want with you on the desert island? Keep in mind - no food. That will be in a separate post. Will you want survival gear? Special items? Hobbies?

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Alrighty. This is turning out to be quite the success. Now, I've already done this one, but I want to hear yours. You are welcome to put short summaries/comments beside your answers.

Desert Island IV: Movies (assuming you had a VHS/DVD player on your island)

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Alright. While you're all still getting organized with the Books, I, with my superior intellectual organizational abilities, am moving on to another topic.

Desert Island Top Ten III: People

Who would you want with you on your desert island?

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Desert Island Top Ten Part 2:

Books. Not to burn as firewood, but to read.

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List your 'Desert Island Top Ten'. This will be in many posts. Part I:

Desert Island Top Ten Songs.

and... go!

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If you ate a baby, what colour would it be?

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What are you thankful for?

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What's the most confusion you've ever felt?

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Did you cry when Bambi's mom died?

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What do you think would the hardest language to learn?

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We need to get some good questions here to get this rolling again.

What is your favourite food to eat that involves noodles?

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If voices in your head told you to kill someone you hated anyways, what would your reaction be?

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If you had to spend the rest of your life eating things from only two food groups, which would you choose? (Choices being: Fruits&Vegetables, Dairy, Grain, Meat&Alternatives).

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